Greatness Principal: Turn Your Pain into Greatness

Greatness Principal: Turn Your Pain into Greatness

Five Keys to Turning your Pain into Greatness

  1. Feed Your Mind Greatness

In May, it will be one year since my divorce. I remember countless nights laying awake in my bed feeling like I was going to die from all the pain I was experiencing. Now I lay in bed awake trying to process all the great things my mind is telling me to strive for and do. Whether it be things for my clothing and design business, personal life or my career.   When things started to fall apart I had to feed my mind greatness so I would not fall apart.

When you feed your mind greatness, it will push out all the pain, fear and negative thinking. As you are feeding your mind greatness you will start to do the things that great people do and you will eventually become great. Sound’s pretty simple, doesn’t it?

When you feed your mind greatness, it will push out all the pain, fear and negative thinking

YES, that sounds very simple but it took me a while to understand how to feed my mind greatness. When I was first separated and was going through my divorce, I felt so much hurt and pain. All of these feeling parlayed me from doing the things I was striving for. Thus, I made it my mission to find the formula to make the pain and hurt disappear at the snap of a finger. Little did I know, no formula or secret existed to make it disappear.  

I remember asking my mentor “what did you do to help you get through your divorce?” Her answer was that she listened to Joyce Meyers and Beth Moore. And she read her bible and prayed. I looked at her and said “NO, what did you really do?” She said, that’s what I actually did.  Then I said, “why do you have to be so deep?” I laughed it off and disregarded what she said. At that time, I was missing the principal. I just wanted to find a way to bypass the pain and get to greatness. I missed what she was trying to say because I was in the mindset of looking for shortcuts. Everyone would always say “it takes time.” My response would always be “well I need a time machine.” LoL. They would say “time will heal.” Time doesn’t heal if you don’t do the necessary things and take action.  

I just wanted to find a way to bypass the pain and get to greatness.

2.) Greatness Doesn’t Come Without Pain

No one has ever been great without going through pain. If you shortcut the pain process you’ll shortcut your destiny. If you keep looking for temporary solutions to ease the pain your greatness will only be temporary. My mentor told me the principal but I didn’t want to hear it. I didn’t realize how simple it was at the time. Time was going by but nothing was happening.

As a man thinks, so is he. It’s true, you are what you eat. The longer I dwelled on the pain of my divorce the more mediocre I became and the more things started falling apart. My mind was filled with so much pain and negative thoughts that I ended up losing my job last year because I couldn’t even get up in the morning, yet along perform 100% at work.

No one has ever been great without going through pain.

I just wanted to find a quick and easy way to hurry up and get through my pain so I could reach my greatness. In the process this is what I learned about pain. (see graphic below)

deal with your pain to get to greatness

When I moved back home after my divorce I found  a way to temporary medicate my pain. I did this through seeking comfort and attention from others, one person in particular. When you seek for others to meet all your needs it sets you up for failure, every time. It also causes you to loose your identity because you get so caught up in seeking attention from people (I’ll have to blog more about this later) 

Finding my comfort in people allowed me to temporary perform in a great state because the pain was being numbed. I was able to successfully interview for a marketing job of my dreams and get the job. Although, I got the job I wanted I was only able to perform in my greatness state temporarily. This was because I did not deal with the root of my pain. I only found a way to numb the pain. Just when I thought things were going well all the pain came back and it came back stronger which caused me to lose my job due to my performance. There were many days when I literally could not get out of bed and the days I did get out of bed I was just going through the day lifeless. The sooner you deal with and feel your pain the sooner you can reach your greatness.

The sooner you deal and feel your pain the sooner you can reach your greatness.

So back to the story, after searching for shortcuts and more ways to numb my pain, I realized my mentor wasn’t trying to be deep, she was putting into practice the greatness principal. She was feeding her mind greatness from great people. She was feeding her mind greatness so that she could pull herself out of the pain from her divorce (if not divorce, insert your issue/struggle here instead) and become great. Divorce or whatever the issue will cause your faith to shake so she was feeding her faith through the word. And lastly she pulled on the strength from others because she was in a place where her strength was depleted.

3.) Your Process of Getting to Greatness Will Not Look Like Anyone Else’s

The reason I didn’t want to hear what she had to say is because her process looked different from what I had to do. Eventually, I started getting tired of looking for shortcuts and I started to put the greatness principal into effect.  She related to Joyce Meyer and Beth Moore for her greatness. However, I pulled greatness from motivational speakers and preachers such as Les Brown, Eric Thomas and Priscilla Shirer and Real Talk Kim. Your list of people you pull from may be different. If you don’t have a list of inspirational people you pull greatness from you can start with my list above.

You will not pull greatness from the same person or place that everyone else does. Your process and your development will never look the same as someone else. The greatness principal can apply to every situation. I heard a quote that says “we are all one Google search away from success.” Whatever it is that you want to do, find a person that is doing it and is doing it well and then feed off of their greatness by listening to their strategies and inspirational speaking. Or find someone that has been through the same situation as you and feed off of their greatness to help you navigate the storm.  

4.) If You Don’t Believe You are Great You Will Not Be Great

The greatness principal doesn’t work overnight and greatness never comes overnight. I started to feed my mind greatness. But to be honest nothing happened right away. It took consistency and action.  There were days that I didn’t believe what the speakers were saying. There were also times when I didn’t want to read the scriptures or pray. But I continued to listen and I continued to read. I knew if I kept feeding my mind, I would eventually believe it. You may not believe it when you start but if you keep doing it greatness will become first nature and your habits will change. But if you never believe that you are great you will never that the first step into your new life.

5.) Greatness Requires You to Take Action

Once you fill your mind with greatness then it’s time put into action what you heard and read about. It’s one thing to have knowledge but it you never take action with the knowledge then your knowledge is useless.

Leave a comment and tell me some of your favorite inspirational speakers that you listen to that feeds your greatness.

As I always say now Go and Be Great. I hope you enjoyed post from Yolanda Carter of Majestic Royalty. It is always my goal to inspire you to greatness and help you remember there is life after divorce or whatever obstacle you have encountered in life.


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  1. This was absolutely amazing! I am very proud of your transparency sis! I love to listen to the people you have listed, but I also love Lisa Nichols!

    Tamika 'Marie
    April 25, 2017
    • Thanks Tamika, seeing you share your testimony and being so transparent has encouraged me to do the same. Keep sharing and being transparent as it will help encourage others.

      November 17, 2017
  2. I am so thankful and proud of you. You persevered through your pain and trail with dignity and allowed God to take you through the healing process. I am currently reading “Your 5-minute Personal Coach” by Valorie Burton. Listening to K- Love radio station is a daily inspiration. I also like listening to Priscilla Shirer and Beth Moore.

    Narvis O.
    April 26, 2017
  3. Awesome message & testimony!

    October 4, 2017
    • Thanks Michelle. It’s defiantly our job to share our testimony and to encourage others.

      November 17, 2017
  4. Great Post!!! Too many gems of truth to list. This message needs to reach more women (&men), that are “stuck” in their healing process.
    Keep sharing the truths that God lays on your heart! God bless you.

    November 17, 2017
    • Thanks, Kendra. Yes, the healing process can paralyze us at times but once people see that there is greatness on the other side they can keep pushing forward.

      November 17, 2017